Scholarships and Bursaries

The Chefs' Table Society supports the advancement of students and cooks in the culinary fields via scholarships and bursaries, which are either awarded singly by the Society or in partnership with organizations that we support.

Annual Awards

Scholarships are open to students and cooks of all ages who are keen to begin basic training in the culinary arts or those who are already skilled and looking to refine or expand their expertise. Applicants must be a member in good standing with the Chefs' Table Society.

All awards are based on merit and ability, and amounts awarded vary according to the specific program. Each application is reviewed and evaluated by the scholarship committee made up of Chefs' Table Society members.

Note: scholarships rarely cover a complete tuition and not all applicants are awarded funds.

Student Scholarships

The Society offers scholarships and bursaries to students applying for culinary school. Applicants may be planning to apply or be currently enrolled in culinary school. Applicants must give details of their passion, commitment, and desire to be in the culinary industry.

BC Hospitality Foundation - 5 x $1500 Culinary Student Scholarships

The Society facilitates the five Culinary Scholarships presented by the BC Hospitality Foundation. Each winning culinary student receives both financial assistance for school and an invitation to a scholarship presentation. The criteria for the scholarship are set by and the winners are selected by members of the Chef’s Table Society.

Les Clefs d'Or - Student Scholarship

The Chefs' Table Society selects a culinary school each year to receive one scholarship from Les Clefs d'Or; the student selected is the Dean's Choice. The award is given to a student who goes above and beyond during their time at culinary school.

Red Seal Apprenticeship Program

The Chefs' Table Society offers financial assistance to apprentices enrolled in the BC Red Seal training program. Monies can be applied to tuition, books, travel or tools. Successful applicants should provide strong references as well as explain their passion for the industry and commitment to learning.

Chef de Parti / Sous Chef Scholarships

Society members that currently work as a chef de parti or sous chef may submit an essay for financial assistance for a specific project to further their culinary expertise. Examples of projects include participating in a stage, creating a book/culinary library, or applying for a course or improvement program. Successful applicants should show their passion for the industry and why they want to continue to learn and expand their knowledge in order to remain in the industry.

Environmental Scholarships

The Society offers this opportunity to recognize a forward-thinking individual in the culinary field: someone who has made a difference in their workplace by implementing changes that reduce the footprint caused by our industry.

Applications can be self-submitted or nominated by an employer or colleague. Provide as much detail of the proposal and project. The successful applicant will receive $1000 to apply to a cause dear to their heart, as well as a $500 personal award.

Event Grants / Team Funding

Students and cooks who wish to participate in regional, national, or international culinary competitions are invited to apply for a one-time grant to subsidize the cost of competing (travel, event fees, materials, etc.). Successful applicants should provide information and details of the event and why they need assistance.

Past Recipients: In 2004, the Society awarded a Team Scholarship to Clement Chan and Ryan Stone to participate in the Bocuse d'Or Canada.

Apply for a Scholarship

All applicants must be a member in good standing with the Chefs' Table Society. Please log into your account and select the Apply for a Scholarship option from your member home page.