Since 2006 we have lead by example in British Columbia. Advocates of sustainability, camaraderie, and education among Chefs and like minded individuals. 

Our Mission

The Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia is a province-wide collaborative dedicated to creating a foundation for the exchange of information between culinary professionals. We support innovative and sustainable programs that will inspire, educate and nurture our chefs, our producers and our local food industry. We promote standards of excellence with the aim of enhancing the reputation of our regional cuisine.

The work of the Chefs Table Society has helped develop and nurture a community of Chefs and like minded individuals in our great province. Without their dedicated work, our community would be less vibrant and rich.
— Vikrim Vij, Chef & Author

What We've Achieved

  • Founding partner / contributor to the Hawksworth Young Chefs Competition
  • Charitable donations to food based initiatives such as project chef, growing chefs, Vancouver food bank
  • Proponent in the 'slow fish movement' and also an advocate and supporter of the 'salmon safe initiative'
  • Given bursaries, books, and scholarships to culinary students across the province
  • Advocate for independent farmers, fisherman, and ranchers across Canada


  • Supporter of 'Ocean Wise' and the Vancouver Aquarium
  • Supporter of 'Farm-Folk City-Folk' initiative
  • Instrumental in making the local spot prawn fishery a viable option for British Columbians
  • Created an open dialogue amongst culinary industry workers to build a more stable, sustainable, and cohesive community
  • Helped bring awareness to the fight against the changes to the ALR Act